Wedding Planning Help!

It’s now been 3 months since I got married and I still get those feelings of excitement when it hits me that Nick and I are actually married. It’s been something that we talked about for years, since like year 2 together. We’ve always known it was coming but honestly it always seemed like we needed some sort of permission to do it. Weird, yes I know. Anyways, over on my youtube channel I finally finished up my wedding planning series with a storytime video all about my wedding day and also some of the apps and tools I used to help plan my wedding to help make it what it was.

A big help was surprisingly Instagram. There are so many wedding accounts that give you so much information but my personal favourites were The Knot, Engaged to the Details and Wedidng Wire.

The first one I started to follow I think even before I got engaged was The Knot. From watching Say Yes To The Dress I kept hearing of The Knot so I was following them to give me some inspiration for my Pinterest Board. They post a ton of wedding pictures from wedding cakes, engagement rings, ceremony and reception looks, wedding dresses and so much more. Basically anything wedding related, they post about it. What I loved about following them was it gave me ideas for signs and simple decor looks that could work with the space I was getting married in. They have something for everyone and everything is fresh, modern, and classic.

Following The Knot led me to Engaged to the Details. This account is more wedding planning geared but it also posts a lot about wedding decor and more engagement rings. The biggest help I got from them was their Wedding Wednesdays. Every Wednesday at 5pm EST they have an open forum which allows their followers to ask their wedding planning experts any question. Usually it’s about the etiquette that comes along with planning a wedding like how to deal with costs when having an out of town wedding and what to do when certain co-workers are invited but not others. It was a great help to me even though I never asked a question. Reading the forum was really informative and gave me confirmation that I was on the right track. They also have a blog where they go in more detail on some of the topics they touch on in the forum. This page really got me excited to get married and gives you that push to not give up even if planning starts to get to you. It’s that reassurance that someone out there is going through exactly what you are. It also gives great inspiration for engagement shoots!

I think I learned about Wedding Wire from Engaged to the Details and it’s a wonder I didn’t know about it sooner because it seems its the first thing everyone downloads after getting engaged. Wedding Wire is a wedding planning app that helps you with every part of your wedding. If you’re in the US or Canada (that I know of) Wedding Wire can give you venue options based on your guest list size that are in your area. It also gives you vendor options which I’m guessing can come in really handy if you’re planning your wedding without a planner. What I used Wedding Wire for mostly was their checklist. Once you’ve entered your wedding date into the app, it generates a list of things to do and when to complete these tasks by. From when to send out invitations and when to book different vendors it makes sure that you’re on top of your game. This list is really thorough and keeps you on track so that you don’t have many last minute to do’s or stresses in the days coming up to your big day.

Another useful part of Wedding Wire was their seating chart tool. You can input the size of your tables and it even suggests how many people would sit comfortably at a table that size. Once you’ve entered everyone on your guest list you can go about placing people at different tables before you setting on a final arrangement. It really gets rid of the expected stress of lugging around a large seating chart.

Of course my Pinterest has never seen so much action before. I think once you’re even thinking about getting married you should use Pinterest because they’re so many other things going on once planning starts that you won’t have time to ponder over things and take your time making decisions. Pinterest is a great way to sort through a ton of ideas and to search for new ones. If you’re ever stuck on what to do for something like music selection or wedding favours, Pinterest has suggestions for you.

All in all I had a relatively stress free planning process because I had an amazing team helping me but also because there are now so many things out there to help you. Now I have to ask myself do I have to stop following these accounts now that I’m married??

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