My First Interview!!

Helloooo once again!! I was supposed to do this post about 2 days ago but I was just feeling really tired and exhausted and then I started to do it last night but I was missing a couple pictures I wanted to include so here we are. I was feeling a bit under the weather but not in a cough cough sick way. I felf like I’ve either been hit by a truck and I’m recovering from injuries or like I was dancing for 3 days straight and now I’m tired. The thing is none of those things happened so I’m at a loss as to why I felt like that. I was tired with no energy whatsoever with no reason why I should be feeling like that. On a Friday afternoon, hungry and procrastinating cleaning my room. Tomorrow is BeautyCon so I’m going to be up extra early to get there by 10. I have a general ticket cause I really wasn’t about to spend the $135 and up for the other tickets so hopefully everything goes well tomorrow. I’ll try to do a blog post on Sunday all about my day on Saturday. 🙂

Soooo on Monday was my interview, my first one since graduation in May and finishing summer school in July so I was pretty excited. I spent the whole of last week preparing for it so I wasn’t that nervous. I practiced questions and the best ways to answer them so I felt good. I woke up and got my breakfast as usual and then I left home actually on time. The journey there took a whole lot shorter than expected so I got there half an hour early. By the time I got there I had developed a serious blister on my toe from shoes I hadn’t worn in over a year so that was distracting while I was waiting. I ended up stuffing some tissue on the side of my shoe to help, which it did a little. The interview itself went well I think. I don’t really have anything to compare it to so it was a good start I guess. She asked the usual interview questions and explained the position a little more. If I get past this point then there are gonna be 3 more interviews before they make the offer for the position so now I’m just playing the waiting game.

On Tuesday I did my Walmart trip. I left home kinda late, around 2:30pm so it was an interesting time to be on the bus. Kids were coming out of school, people were on their lunch breaks from work and then there was me. Walmart itself was awesome. The lines were short, the shelves were a bit bare but I still found most of what I needed. I didn’t get my Uncle Ben’s microwave rice that I wanted but I got a new one to try. As usual after Walmart I relaxed in bed and watched tv.

Wednesday was a busy day and a long day. It all started with my hair appointment. To get there I had to switch trains twice because of an “incident” on the E line so I got onto an F train which also had delays. By the time I got off the train it was the time of my appointment and I still had to find an ATM to get cash to pay for my hair so I ended up being half an hour late. Not my brightest moment from that day since I’m usually annoyingly early and on time for things. My hair turned out great though. There wasn’t any real breakage in one spot but she said I had a lot of ends which meant a trim which I was expecting. This is the 2nd person to tell me that so I wasn’t surprised.

Once I left there I had all intentions of going to Pace and sorting out some business but I stupidly got on the wrong train at Penn Station so once I got to the next stop I got on an E train and went to Time Square to go to Sephora. It looked like it was about to rain so I was trying to get through everything quickly. At Sephora I asked one of the people there if I could get anything as my birthday present and she said yes! She said that I could choose anything and then go up to the counter and say “It’s my birthday” and then I’d get that for free….that’s not the case. I spent about 20 minutes choosing a colour in a Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation and then I get to the counter and she pulls out a box and says, “this is gonna be your birthday present.” Basically they choose your birthday present so I had to put back the foundation, gotta save up to buy that. So for my birthday from Sephora I got the Nars Matte Lip Pencil.

In it is a really dark red that’s really pretty and then there’s a light purple-ish and pink one which is a bit too light for me but I think I can make it work. If not I might see if my cousin wants it. 

Also this week I got my Ipsy Glam bag. I can’t remember if I got it on Tuesday or Wednesday but I was really excited.



So all of that was my October Glam bag. the little box has in a perfume roller ball which smells really good. I’m also excited to try the mascara and the Browza brow pencil.

That’s about it for my week. I started recording things to use for my Youtube channel so I’m gonna be working on that later today. I’m thinking it’s gonna be called AndThenWhat to go along with my blog. That way if I forget to vlog or something you can still keep track of what I’m doing with my blog. That and I still want to keep writing. Writing everything down is still therapeutic for me so I’m gonna keep doing it. 🙂 Just keep an eye our for my Youtube videos, I’ll put the link in the next post once I have it up and going. 

Soo until next time. 🙂


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