Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

It’s a nice rainy and thunderstorming night, the perfect night for watching a movie which I’m going to get to riiiiigght after I finish this post. I think tonight is going to be The Age of Adaline. First I wanted to get this post off so that I can finally cross it off my list of things to do.

This week has been pretty quiet. I did my usual trip to Walmart on Monday right after I finally got my camera!!! I spent about 2 months trying to decide which one I should get within a reasonable budget so after a lot of research and watching reviews on Youtube I settled on the Nikon Coolpix 7000. 

This is an upgrade from my last one which stopped working right around the time I decided I wanted to do some vlogging and record things which was terrible timing. That was about 3 months ago, almost exactly since I carried it to get fixed on my way to get my hair done and I’m going to get my hair done next week. I didn’t get it fixed since it cost about $100 to replace the lens so I figured I could just buy a new one. 

Anyways so I’ve been playing with that all week. The most interesting thing to take pictures of since I wasn’t doing much outside the house was the fact that the curls I did for the job fair at Pace since the 1st of October lasted an entire week.

This was the state of my curls after 5 days so I was really pleased with myself that I managed to get them to last that long. That’s also my new jeans jacket that I bought a couple weeks ago on my excursion to Fulton Street Mall. I always thought it was going to be an actual mall but it was just a street full of stores which work for me as well but it just wasn’t what I expected. Yea so my curls were just on point last week. I just washed my hair today and I can now say that my hair was so so soft because of the new Shea Moisture Conditioner. Right now even though my hair has puffed out to be a small afro it is softer that it’s been when I have this much new growth. 

On Wednesday I was ready to set up a recording space for videos that I could do for a Youtube channel now that I had a new camera. I couldn’t decide on a tripod so I made a makeshift place to put the camera out of boxes but I think I need to actually buy one soon. I did a practice shoot to decide on a spot when I get an email from an employer I gave my resume to at the job fair asking for a time to set up a phone interview for an available position. (Freakout began a little). Then I grab my phone to message someone about this news and I see that I have a missed call and a voicemail. I check it and it’s from the recruiting officer. She called and I missed it because my phone was still on vibrate so I quickly call back but there was no answer. (Different kind of freakout began) I waited a while and ate my phone, trying to gather my thoughts before I try calling again. When I call she answers on like the second ring and I start freaking out again but on the inside. The call went well so I now have an interview on Monday. YAAAAAAYYYY!! Finally!! Right when I’m trying to come up with a contingency plan and other countries to apply to I get a call for an interview so hopefully this works out. I really hope it does so please keep your fingers crossed and pray for me!!

That call meant that I’ve spent the last two days pouring over common interview questions and figuring out the best way to answer them. I’m practicing explaining my resume and trying not to sound lost but to sound knowledgeable about what I’ve learnt. Just trying to get what I know in my head to be said in the right way. This is also going to be what I’m doing for the weekend. My hair is washed, work clothes clean (just have to iron them) and I can focus on getting these questions done. 

Oh I got my order from Forever 21 package. I honestly thought I only ordered a hoodie and two pairs of leggings but the postman gave me a bigger box than I expected so I was a bit confused. I should have known that I can’t stop myself from buying sweaters.

Turns out I bought two sweaters, a hoodie and then the two pairs of leggings. The sweaters are really soft and look comfy. I haven’t really tried them on since I’ve been busy preparing for the interview but I did try on the hoodie since it looked a little small so I’m going to return that this weekend. It’s not terribly small but I want it to fit bigger. This is seriously and definitely the last sweaters I’m buying. When I was unpacking my winter suitcase and putting up my sweaters I was kind of shocked at how many I had. I was telling my mum that I hardly had any just two weeks ago because I honestly thought I didn’t have many but now I know that I do. And that I need to stop. 

I’m really excited for this interview to turn into something and even if it doesn’t I just hope that other calls come in soon. I’m anxious to get a start and to get a job so I can start repaying my dad for some stuff. That and so that I can feel a little less guilty for buying things especially with Christmas coming up. 

Anyways, I’m gonna go get my popcorn and start my snuggle movie night and fall asleep in front of my laptop again. 


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