Last Push

I have no idea where spring has gone but I’m not really complaining. For that brief week of spring my allergies were seriously messing with me. I woke up with itchy eyes and an itchy throat and it was just awful. Keep in mind I don’t really take my allergy medicine as I should because I mostly feel like my body will regulate itself somehow and it usually does. But that week was full of allergy medicine. 

It’s finally hitting me that my graduation is next month!! I have about 5 weeks to finish up everything and then its graduation. I still have a summer course to keep me in the bubble of being a student but one that’s over I will no longer be a student. Scary but also exciting. It was weird cause yesterday was the job and internship fair here at Pace and everyone I talked to kept reminding me that when I say I graduate in May, I actually mean next month. The event went well. I got my resume out there so hopefully it turns into something. I want to go back to career services to get some other opportunities since the last time I went I had no idea what I wanted to do in Finance. Now that I do, I really want to take advantage of them. On Wednesday night was a networking event for Graduate students which was also a good event. I talked to a couple people who are past alumni of Pace that had some good insight on entering the working world and how to approach networking. Mainly networking is to build and foster a relationship and not just to job hunt. That part comes later. 

Right now I sorta feel exhausted and ready for a vacation. I don’t know if it’s still the low energy from midterms but I just don’t feel like doing anything. Well no, I want to get my work done but I just don’t have the energy. And I refuse to use chocolate and sweets to get my energy up. 

Last Sunday I went to have Easter lunch with my family which I almost missed. I totally forgot that Easter was that weekend since I was so wrapped up in midterms. It was honestly a great day. I walked down to Atlantic Avenue from my street and I roamed around the little shops and restaurants down there. A lot of them serve brunch which I could try out the next time Nick or Claire comes to visit. It’s only when you’re with family that you realize how much you miss being around them. Not just family, but people you can just be completely comfortable around. That is one of the downsides of being so busy with school. Most times I’m too busy to miss being around them but then you get that lull in the workload and you feel it. 

Once again I’ve gone through a week without taking pictures. I feel really bad about that but I haven’t really done anything besides school. All of that will hopefully change once the semester is over. The good thing is that I’ve been really keeping up with my workouts and I feel really good about that. I just need to get in some cardio and I’ll feel better about that. 

Anyways, time for me to finish my assignment that is due on Monday and to get some research done for my project. Fun…..

KThnxBai!! 🙂

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