Midterms are Over!!!

Midterms are over!! With all the stress of midterms finally over I feel like a need a week off which is probably why midterms are supposed to happen before spring break. But no. All of my midterms were 2 weeks after spring break so I have to go straight into getting all my projects completed :(. For tonight though I’m just going to relax, maybe clean a little if I feel up to it. What I mentally feel like doing is to do some pilates but physically I just feel exhausted so that’s a no. 

So this week I’ve been listening to Alex and Sierra’s album called It’s About Us. I did the whole listen to nothing but the album for as long as it takes to get tired of it and I must say it took me a couple tries to get into it. On my second try I actually got into it. My favorite song and the whole reason I got the album is Little Do You Know. This song is just so subtle and nice and really sounds like a songwriters song. I also really like Bumper Cars and Broken Frame. I’ve been really liking these types of songs lately with my sudden loving of songs by Cassidy Ford. The next song of hers that I’m obsessed with is called Only You. 

Unsurprisingly I haven’t done much other than study so I became very familiar with the study areas in my dorm building and the people that frequent it. Most of them are fine and just keep to themselves but then you get the others who think that because you’re checking over your work from your financial calculator with your scientific calculator that you don’t know how to use it. I just needed a new calculator. 

The countdown to graduation is on and I have a million things to do like send out my announcements and pack up and move out, again. It’s looking like I’m spending the summer in the dorm for my course and then after that I don’t know. I’ll figure it out when I get there. 

I’m going to go fall asleep now and hopefully wake up the day after finals finish. A girl could dream 🙂


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