So I’ve Been Thinking….

So it’s Friday and I’m getting back into the swing of living in the library once again. I’m finishing off a midterm right now actually but I’m having a block so I figured it would be nice to get everything out of my brain and then go back with a fresh mind. What’s in my brain knocking around, you may ask, well a lot. 

With graduation coming up I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what’s next for me. I’m still looking for a job and I’m trying to stay here in New York for as long as I can. I’m doing a summer course still so I have a couple more months here but as the planner I am, I want to know what’s going to happen. After my summer course I really want to get an apartment. I just feel like I need my own space right now to grow and to really figure out what direction I want to go in and to figure out who I really want to be outside of the school me. As much as I like to deny it, I’m an adult. School sort of keeps you in a bubble which allows you to think of yourself as a teenage still but it’s time I start seeing myself differently. And to do that, I think I need my own space. With that in mind, I did some looking for apartments that I could rent that are still reasonably price and as expected, they are in New Jersey. I really don’t mind that at all. Jersey is sort of more my speed and it’s not that hard to get into the city. What I’m really excited about is decorating. Having that blank canvas that I can fill up with me. 

Thinking about the future and everything that is to come, I of course was thinking about the future of this blog. I made this to be about my life at Pace and with my life and Pace ending, does that mean my blog does too or should I just change the name and description? On one hand I think it best to start a new blog so that I can close a chapter on what has been an indelible experience and open a new chapter on creating another one. But then I worry about people being able to find it and read it which I’ve never worried about before. I think I’ll start a new one, a more permanent one, that isn’t just about a time in my life but just about my life. 

Ok I think I’ve procrastinated enough for today so let me get back to my midterm and studying. 

You can find me in the library…. ): 

Carla xo

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