Spring Break

Spring break is over and its back to the “normal” of studying and doing work every minute I can. First let me say that my spring break was awesome. Partially because it started the Thursday before the official spring break since I don’t have class on Fridays. That meant that I spent Friday reading books and catching up on some series in my “to read” pile. So I read a couple books actually between Friday and Tuesday. I read Between the Lines by Tammara Webber. 

It was an ok read but was a good start to my weekend of reading. It was just a bit juvenile for me and hard to relate to. I would say its a good read for like a 16 year old or so but not for me. She just seemed a bit too confused and then the story went in a completely different direction that where I thought and would have liked it to go. Next on my list was Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson.

This one caught my interest because it was mostly about one thing and not a bunch of other things. It seemed very focused. It started off being a bunch of different things but it all tied together well. I also liked it cause it was easy to imagine in my head with all the military stuff. It was well written and I learnt a couple of words from it too. 🙂  Next came the Brenna Blixen series, starting off with Double Clutch.

This started off ok and is basically what every teenage girl wants from guys, choices. It took me a while to get through this one. I didn’t find it that relatable. She was still in high school and it focused a lot on secrets which I really don’t relate to. I really hate how secrets are used in books and tv shows and it just causes unnecessary drama. Once again, a good book for my younger cousin but not so much for me so I went back to the Lila series with Losing Lila. 

This one was a bit of a let down for me. Everything just seemed to fall into place too easily. I mean I can’t imagine a situation where everyone listens to a 17 year old so easily. I have trouble getting my family to listen to me at 23 so that was a bit weird. Overall it was ok, just not for me. Out of boredom I went back to the Brenna Blixen series to tide me over until my flight. Number two is called Junk Miles.

This was the book that made me give up on the series. She was still “torn” between two guys and her switching back and forth was annoying me. Once again, not relatable. So I got through 5 books in 5 days. Well more like 4 1/2 since I didn’t finish Junk Miles. I just really want to find another series like Lux, Significance, or Elemental. I want to find books where the protagonist is around my age, early twenties, but I still want that supernatural addition to it. So far I haven’t found one but I’ll keep looking. 

Last Saturday I decided to spend the day with my cousins which turned into watching her dance classes. It was such a nice relaxing day of watching dance classes which made me want to dance again. Of course it did. I get that feeling every time I want ballet. The most rewarding part of the day was when I was able to pass on a little knowledge to her about how to help her dancing. I just feel like if I could be keep on her with the corrections she would show a lot of improvements. She’s already such a good dancer so I guess I’m becoming a stage mom. 

Onto my actual spring break adventure. Nick had a conference in Dallas and since I was on spring break I decided to join him in Dallas. Such a great idea. A little costly but still good. I got into Dallas on Wednesday night after something like a two hour delay. We stayed at a Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott because it had breakfast included in the cost. Such a money saver and stress of finding something to eat so early in the morning. Across from the hotel were a bunch of restaurants so we had Olive Garden for dinner, my first time having Olive Garden. It was really good. I got spaghetti and meatballs which is hard to mess up so that was fine but the salad was iffy. The lettuce didn’t have a lot of green in it so I barely ate any of it . The whole trip was good though. I had pasta about twice a day, every day so I did pilates as soon as I got back to NY. The highlight for me was seeing Charm. They drove so far just to spend the day with us in such bad rainy weather. I was so giddy for the entire time before they arrived. I was jumpy and so excited. Nick probably thought I talked about them too much but I really couldn’t help it. I saw Charm about 4 years ago but everyone else I hadn’t seen in 10 years. TEN YEARS!! It’s crazy!! We played mini golf which I somehow won and then we drove go karts. Another first for me.

We only got like 2 laps in because it started to rain but it was still fun to drive around like that. 

So a funny thing was that on our way back from the mall, we stopped at a gas station to buy a huge bottle of water so we won’t have to buy any from the hotel. The first time we stopped I saw a pile of backpacks on the ground by the door but I didn’t think anything of it. The second time I saw this sign.

Everything made sense afterwards. First it says Monday through Sunday, meaning everyday. I know there are some places that get hit hard by kids stealing but I’ve never seen a sign like this. Interestingly, Pace has signs like this in the cafeteria about kids stealing food. I thought I saw a couple people do it but now there are signs and the ladies doing the check out now look at your receipt properly when leaving if you don’t check out with them. 

Whew this is a long post. I’m about to go to sleep since I have a morning class tomorrow and a full day of being at school. Midterms are starting next week so I’ll be living in the library this weekend instead of going to watch Insurgent with Greg. 😦 Hopefully once midterms are over and I make some headway with my projects we can go so I’ll get on that as soon as I can. 

Laters 🙂

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