How can school be this stressful??

Why oh why is the weekend so short? 😦 It’s a Saturday and I’m in the library. I have so much work to get through I really couldn’t risk staying home and being distracted so here I am and here I will stay until I finish all my planned work or the library closes. (It would probably be the latter). This has been the most stressful 2 weeks of the semester and I have another 2 stressful ones coming my way. Isn’t business school fun?! I had a group project due yesterday and I was so close to getting through it drama free but of course someone had to go be a diva and complain about having to finish it the night before when it was her own fault we started a week late because she was off vacationing. This just enhances my dislike of people, mostly new people. 

Anyways, my week went by in pretty much a blur because of this project. On Thursday was a career and internship fair here at Pace and let me tell you it was pure bedlam here. There were over 100 companies here which is great but the space provided to these 100 companies was small already and then add all the students and alumni it was crazy. I look awesome of course but the heels I wore only lasted about 30 minutes cause I wanted to get through the crowd without worrying about stepping on people’s feet in my heels. 

I wore the pretty basic all black with a nice grey pea-coat-ish coat. I could have done without the coat cause it was hot inside. The fair was good all in all and I got my resume out to a couple good businesses. One bad thing was a lot of the businesses don’t sponsor international students so that is a big set back. So yea that happened and it was good. 

Somehow with all the stress of the week I still managed to get in my tv shows which were big stress relievers. Gotham was good as usual which I like. Scorpion was really good and it becoming more and more like Alphas which I don’t mind so much because I absolutely loved Alphas. Dance Moms is becoming more of a guilty pleasure for me. I don’t really care what happens in the episodes but its a good time waster for when I take a break from doing work. My Wednesdays are still void of tv shows which will end once Arrow starts back next week!! :D. Scandal still baffles me. I don’t understand how Olivia keeps Scott Foley away and chooses Fitz over him. I mean have you seen him in uniform???

How to Get Away With Murder is having a slow start. We all know the show itself is about the underlying story and not necessarily the story of each episode but we saw the same flashbacks from the first episode. I still like it but I wish it would get on with it a little faster. 

Hawaii Five-0 is giving me the same feeling. After watching all the episodes back to back to back its hard to watch one episode at a time and get excited about it. And the underlying story of this season doesn’t seem all the interesting just yet but I’m sure it’ll get there eventually. 

Class yesterday was a bit painful to be a part of. We had gone through a lecture presentation as usual and then she was going through a question with us. Instead of her doing it she got people to come up to the board and do a part but no one knew what they were doing. Like NO ONE! Well I did which was a miracle seeing as I left the room for a while to go blow my nose. At first it was funny cause we thought that just that one person didn’t know what to do but then it just kept happening. She didn’t call on me to go to the board but she did ask me to explain to them exactly what they were supposed to be doing. So I’m here in the library on a Saturday reading up on everything to make sure I can continue to answer all the questions she throws at me. 

Anyways, my “settling” time is all gone and it’s time for me to get to it and hit the books. 

Toodles! 🙂

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