Premiere Week!!!

Heeellllooooo blog world. It is Saturday morning/afternoon and it is actually warm/hot today!! I say that like if I’ll actually be outside but I’ll be at my desk working all day. Hopefully I get all my work done so that I can go to Brooklyn tonight. If not I’ll just go tomorrow morning and spend the day. This week was pretty much an off week, I only had 2 classes all week since this week was Rosh Hashanah which is the Jewish New Year. So I only had class on Monday and then on Friday morning…… This Friday morning class is killing me but I do it cause I have to.

Anyways I’m almost through with premiere week!! Yaaaaaaay!! On Monday was Gotham and Scorpion.

Gotham was pretty ok, I mean it was the basic introduction to all the characters. I like how Jada Pinkett Smith acts in this and once again I like how its a strong female role. It’s interesting to see a non-fat Penguin and how he got his start in the underworld of it all. I knew I was going to like Benjamin Mckenzie in this cause I think I love him in all his shows. So yea that was good. I was excited to watch Scorpion because it looked a heck of a lot like Alphas. The plot behind it is practically the same, people with “gifts” are hired by the government to help solve problems. It’s not the supernatural stuff that Alphas had but the underlying concept is the same. Watching this was made especially funny cause I was watching it with my sister over Skype and when she realized it was Katherine Mcphee was especially funny. 

My Tuesday shows are kind of slow. If I get bored I’d watch Dance Moms but then I’d just stream the voice the next morning while I eat breakfast. I really like how the judges now seem to be evenly matched. I always felt like in the first couple season, no one wanted to go to Cee Lo and then with Shakira and Usher, Shakira was the underdog. Now with Pharrell and Gwen, its anyone’s game. 

I don’t watch anything on Wednesdays so those are work nights. I actually stayed up pretty late on Wednesday night doing work until like 3 in the morning. I was on Facebook and a couple of my friends are starting their Masters and I saw one say that having all this free time is a bit deceiving because you actually have a lot of work to do. This week was the perfect example of that. I had 3 days which should be enough time to do all my work but I spent my Tuesday at the supermarket and watching random stuff online. So by the time Wednesday came around I was a day behind. 

Onto my Thursday tv shows! I love Thursday nights. I have until 9 to do all the work I can until Scandal starts. For the entire beginning Claire and I were hoping they would say they were in Barbados but once again the Bahamas won that one. Once again I should put it out there that I love Scott Foley! 🙂 How Olivia chooses Fitz over Jake all the time I don’t understand. I feel like I need to watch over that episode because one week is too much to wait to get my Scandal fix. 

How To Get Away With Murder is such a Shonda Rimes show. She jampacked that first episode with so much everything. Viola Davis plays that part so well and I am so happy to see Alfred Enoch from Harry Potter get a good role.

Once again I watched this with my sister but she was like 10 seconds behind me (I don’t know why) so I would tell her “spit out your gum so you don’t choke” when I know she would be shocked at stuff. It was a fun night which was spoiled by the fact that I had a 9am class the next day. 

Class was exceptionally boring yesterday and everyone seemed to be half asleep. I have a group project due for that class next week and we are nowhere near where we need to be right now so that is going to be a stressful finish. I might go to school today to get some information from the library later if I have time. Or more than likely I’ll just go in on Monday morning before my afternoon class and put in a couple hours. Sigh, I guess this is the life of a Master’s student. After class I went to visit my cousin at his office in Time Square which was really cool. Having family around is so helpful and I think it’s why I don’t really feel so homesick. I’m always around family which is like a piece of home all the time. 

Right now I’m having a big problem with my allergies. I know I’m allergic to lactose so I bought the lactose free Yoplait yogurts.

The fact that I’m sneezy, congested and my eye is itching is evidence that they aren’t really lactose free. Or there’s just something in there that I’m allergic to. Unfortunately I bought 3 of them, so I have one more yogurt to eat cause I am sure as hell not wasting it. I think I’ll eat that tonight and follow it up with some allergy medicine. 

Anyways, I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet and I need to start my day so that I can get some work done. I did some last night but I need to finish it and do some more reading for my class on Wednesday. It’s about a month into school and I really want to stay on top of everything. I also got a little “me” time while watching my Thursday shows and painted my nails 🙂

I love fall colours but not so much fall weather. It’s too indecisive for my liking. 

Anyways I’m out, time to be a busy bee!

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