Housing Update

So this is the update from last night’s rant. 

Number 1) The room rates are actually not the same for all the buildings, St. George is the cheapest which I’m guessing is because the building is so old. They say that its the cheapest because the discount it because of the laundry and transportation. Ok cool but the building is still extremely old and a lot of the things are near falling apart. 

Number 2) The other building set up like St. George is 182 Broadway but it is $760 more basically for a newer building. And laundry is $50 for the entire semester. So basically if I were to do say 4 loads of laundry each week and go travel to school 5 days a week I would be saving $305 for simply being in an old building in St. George. Or you can look at it as spending $305 to be in a new building and in a room that doesn’t have exposed wiring kept up with duct tape. 

I honestly think that if Pace wants to have housing, at lease make sure that the standard of the housing is the same for all the buildings. Simply having one less expensive that the other is not enough. You apply for housing expecting a certain standard and they think that simply paying less can make up for it. 

I have other problems to figure out other than why they can’t have proper accommodations for their students.


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