Pace Housing is a complete joke!

So it seems that when I go on vacation, so does this blog. Sorry about that. Anyways, this post is gonna be a rant. Just warning you. Like I’m warning everyone applying for Pace housing. Don’t do it! Seriously they don’t know what they’r doing. Aside from the craziness of putting grown masters students to room with sophmores, they have this thing of saying that all the residences are equal so the room rates for all the buildings are the same. It’s ok to say that if it was actually true. How can laundry be free in one building but not in another and yet you say that the residences are equal? That means that I now have to pay more that the people on Fulton just because of location! Then the rooms in Fulton have their own kitchen in the room making it more like an apartment but here at St. George we have a fridge and a microwave… how is that equal? Furthermore the standard of the building is completely different. I understand that St. George is an old hotel that they refurbished but there is nothing cool about having to see duct tape going around a door to hold up a wire so that the tv can be plugged in. There isn’t even a light fixture in the room. We have 2 measly lamps that barely do anything. And yet they say the buildings are equal. 

No matter how much I try to get a room change, and how much I keep saying I want a single room, I somehow still have a double room. Now I would just settle for a double room back at Fulton. Laundry alone is going to be expensive. It’s $5 for a laundry card and THEN $2 per load. That is CRAZINESS!! On top of that is the additional transportation costs that I didn’t have a Fulton. But housing still says, “All the residences are equal”. I’ve never seen so many people tell a lie knowing its complete crap. But they still try to sell it to you. And the guy in charge of it all is so uncooperative. I mean you send an email asking if its possible to change rooms and he comes back with this aggressive attitude saying its too late and I have to stick it out?? Not when I’m paying all this money. I will get a room I like and I will be comfortable. 

Sigh, I’m so annoyed and its only the first day. On top of that when I came in my room this morning I found my new roommate sleeping in my bed with wet hair on top of my comforter. Seriously?? Even if you didn’t know when I was coming back at least be prepared. I’m going to unpack a little so that I can be a little bit comfortable here until they sort it out. 


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