It’s Been Too Long

It’s been a long time and I’ve sort of been avoiding doing this post because its been so long and I sorta didn’t know what to write. A lot has happened since my last post so here it is. I dropped my class cause it was just so stressful trying to get information out of the teacher and for a course that is so important for my degree I really didn’t like the fact that I was simply copying formula and not really understanding what was going on. And there wasn’t enough time to do everything. Cramming a course that will already be intense in 12 weeks into 6 weeks is just madness. So yea, I dropped it and now my summer has started 3 weeks early. 🙂

Last week around this same time I started watching Scandal :D. 

Errmahgerd I was addicted to it and finished all 3 seasons in 4 days. Crazy, yes but when your summer course is driving you crazy its the only thing left to do. And now that we all know Columbus Short isn’t coming back to the show that obviously means that Olivia’s dad killed him which isn’t going to end well. I was sooooo happy that Jake went with her. I have a soft spot for Scott Foley since he was on Felicity and I loved him there. Teen Wolf has also been really good.This whole deadpool with the list of supernaturals in town is crazy but Scott finally has his Beta!! He has problems yes, but he listens to Scott so that’s ok. But who the hell is the Benefactor and how is Derek going to get back his powers???

I started watching a show called Bitten like 2 days ago a little bit out of boredom and a bit of being curious. 

I found it basically because Laura Vandervoort is in it. It’s a good show but I sort of this that for werewolves they’re kind of weak. Its too easy to kill them and they have no other power other than turning into wolves. The show is about a pack of wolves (there is only one pack apparently) which includes the only female to ever survive being bitten so of course all the other wolves want her so of course the pack is attacked. It’s not for the faint of heart, it has its fair share of violence and gore so if you have a soft stomach its not for you. So far it only has 1 season so once again I have nothing to watch. I even started watching over Royal Pains for something to do but what I really want to watch over it suits. I don’t even think I watched it from the beginning so I should get started on that. 

I started reading a book series called Tangled by Emma Chase but it only lasted me like 3 days. (it was only 2 books, the second is called Twisted). 

Anyways, to me this was a tamer version of Fifty Shades of Grey. It was still a little crazy but the girl isn’t at soft and silly as the one in Fifty Shades of Grey which is why I was able to finish it. My next challenge is to read over the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. I read the first one but I haven’t read the others so that should keep me busy until the next book from the Lux series comes out. So many books to read! 😀

For the rest of the summer the plan is to find one spot where they’re filming White Collar. On Monday I found Boardwalk Empire for the second time. 

Hopefully White Collar is filming downtown soon cause I really don’t want to have to go too far to find them. I’m still waiting to watch from season 5 too so I should get started on that. 

Last week I made the mistake of watching Lone Survivor by myself. 

It’s a great movie and I knew from the title that everyone but one had to die but watching them die was so heartbreaking. Like seriously continuing to fight through gun shots and falling of how many cliffs is absolutely crazy. I’ve always had great respect for anyone military but this added a bit of sadness to it cause its what they’re expected to do. Of course after watching I had to do a full research on everything from the movie to find out that it was a book first and that the book kind of exaggerated a little from the original story and then the movie embellished from the book. That doesn’t make it any less sad though. 

So far I’ve gone back to Brooklyn every weekend but this weekend I’m staying in the city to do some exploring like finally going to see Wall Street. I’m also going to be exercising since I technically have nothing else to do with my time. Some more awesome news, not only did I beat the game 2048, I beat it TWICE!!

That’s right, I made the 4096!! I haven’t been able to do it since but I will. Anyways, I have food to eat and fat to burn!

KThnxBai! 🙂

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