Back in NY!!

I’m baaaaack!! I’ve been MIA for a little while with everything going on. I finished my course which went extremely well so hopefully I can retain a lot of what was in it. I’m back in NY and I moved back into the school dorm today after an awesome week in Brooklyn doing absolutely nothing. 

During my last week in Canada we did a whole lot of stuff. First we went to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction in IMAX which was cool.

The movie was good with all the special effects and everything and I always love to see Mark Wahlberg in any movie but I don’t think the whole nerd thing suits him without it being comical. I found it a bit difficult to take his character seriously when he was talking about being an inventor and stuff. It reminded me of his character in Ted. I didn’t find it extremely awesome like other movies but I have to learn to judge Transformers movies on a different scale because of the Michael Bay factor. The story isn’t going to be as great as I want it to be but there will be always be action. 

We finally went to have brunch at a restaurant called L’avenue which was fun just getting there.

Apparently there is always a line to get inside and be seated but we only waited about 15 minutes. Inside is a little cramped and the tables are really close together but the food is awesome.

I had the western omelette which was really big but really good. I only ate about half of it there but I tried to finish it. 

Back to the movies, we watched How to Train Your Dragon 2.

It has been so long since I watched the first one I almost don’t remember it but I think I remembered all the important stuff. The second one was awesome! It made you laugh, a lot, made you cry, a little, and gave you a bit of everything. It helped a lot that I didn’t watch any of the trailers so I had no idea what it was about or what was going to happen. I am so tempted to watch both of them over or maybe just the first for now. 

On to World Cup news. I still think this has been an awesome tournament. Most of the matches are entertaining and even though there haven’t been a lot of goals in some of the matches they’re still entertaining because you could tell the players are passionate. I didn’t get to watch the USA vs Belgium match because I was travelling but I could hear the screams and shouts from a bar in the airport whenever something happened. Speaking of the airport, my little 2 hours flight was delayed for about 2 hours and there were some not too happy customers who decided to shout at the agents at the desk. All I could think was what could the agents do about it? There was a ground stop at JFK because of air traffic so our plane couldn’t land even if we did leave on time. What were the agents supposed to do? Eventually we left and when we landed there was even more traffic to get to our gate. 

Anyways, back to football. The match that really annoyed me was the Brazil vs Colombia game. The referee let the game get out of hand which is totally to blame for Neymar’s injury. The referee refused to give out cards and penalize hard fouls so the players got even more physical. Then with the Argentina vs Switzerland game my poor Di Maria got injured 😦 The rest of matches are going to be interesting especially with the Germany team having a bunch of sick players.

Right now I’m waiting for my sister to come back from the dance show back at home. This is the first time I’m missing the show since I was 8. There was one year I didn’t dance in it but I’ve always gone :(. This means its been one year since I stopped dancing. To get back into it I’m supposed to go check out some dance studios that do drop in adult ballet or modern classes. 

Anyways, classes start tomorrow and I still have a lot to do to become settled so its time I started doing it 🙂

Toodles! 😀

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