It’s Summer

It’s SUMMER!!! So exams are over and I am all moved out of my dorm and I’m now in Brooklyn 🙂 It’s so relieving that exams are over and I have about 10 days until I have to think about school again. So other than exams I got my hair done again and it came out really well but then it rained and it no longer looks all sleek and silky 😦

Talking about my hair…..I’ve been what some would call a “hair journey” but its more like a “I can finally get the products I actually need for my hair”. I found a couple good deep conditioners that were impossible to find in Barbados. The first one I got was the Silicon Mix deep conditioner that was actually recommended by my cousin.

I really like how my hair feels after I use this but I’ve actually only used it twice. The reason is that my hair when I have a lot of new growth is completely different to how my hair is when there isn’t much. So when I’m only a couple weeks post, a light deep conditioner is fine but then further on a heavier one is needed. So after I get my hair relaxed I usually just use the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque.

It’s a good product but its not really what my hair wants at like 6 weeks post relaxer. I also got a protein treatment since my hair tends to break a lot so I got the ORS Hair Mayonnaise.

Now this makes my new growth so soft and my hair is the type that if  you leave it alone for too long it will start to lock and become matted. So yea this works great. I got one more deep conditioner on a whim cause I just saw it in CVS on sale. I know I’m becoming a product junkie but I’m not buying anymore.

So this is the Indian Hemp & Tamanu Grow & Strengthen Treatment Masque. This was the last one I used before I got my hair done over and my hair was so so soft. It says I can use it as a pre-poo so I think I’m going to do that from now on. I know I have a problem but I’m going to Canada where they don’t sell any of these things so I’ll have 6 weeks of no shopping for hair products and I can use up most of them and then know what I want to re-purchase.

So while I was studying for exams I realised there are two types of people during exam time. There are those like me who are completely overtaken with the need to study and become so wrapped up in studying and come so very close to anxiety attacks. (I’m trying to work on that cause it’s not fun.) Then there are those who take all this free time that teachers give you for studying and decide to go out more since “we’re not doing anything in class”. I really have no problem with those people. If that’s what you want to do I would love to join you but I kind of have this need to feel prepared for exams so I’ll catch up with you after exams. What I don’t like is when they start to criticize you for wanted to study. I came very close to letting out my inner Bajan and going off on them but I decided that it was too soon for all of that. Like seriously, let me do me and you do you. If we happen to have free time at the same time awesome! I’m at university in grad school to study so that’s what imma do. There were many times I had free time and they decided they had to study or catch up on work so it’s only fair that times were reversed. 

So on Thursday I shall be off to Canada for 6 weeks! Six whole weeks of being with Nick and doing my online course which shall be fun. Hopefully the weather continues on the trend its been on cause I’ve repacked my suitcase twice with a third coming soon cause I think I have too many clothes packed. 

So now I’m going to go enjoy another day of doing nothing on my fist summer in grad school 🙂


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