Everything is Winding down

As the semester is winding down, I seem to have “post midterm fatigue” where I really don’t feel like doing any more work for a couple weeks. Unfortunately this is when professors are piling on the work to prepare for finals :(. All I want to do is watch Netflix and stay in bed. At first I felt really guilty that I was the only one feeling like this and that my class was going to leave me behind cause I wasn’t doing any work. But then I realised that classes were getting emptier, classes were a whole lot quieter since people weren’t answering questions anymore and extensions were being given for practically all homework and assignments. Honestly, I think finding all of this out was a really bad thing because it made me feel like since everyone else was feeling this PMF then it was ok for me to feel it too, which it wasn’t. Now, trying to get out of it is causing me to be sleepy all day long since I can’t sleep in till 12 anymore. 

My to-do list has gone from being empty to being full and looking rather difficult to finish in time. But I’ll go down fighting!!

So what has happened between now and my last post?? Nick came to visit!! 😀 It was such a full weekend where no work was done. We went egg hunting with my cousin and her friend and walked across the Brooklyn bridge which was pretty.

The funny thing was that when we got across the bridge the eggs were all gone. (These are the Faberge eggs for the Big egg hunt across New York.) So we all got a train and went to Rockefeller Plaza to see them all on display which was cool. 

These were some of the eggs we found a couple weeks earlier. 

We then went sightseeing around Time Square on the Friday which was fun since I hadn’t done a lot of sightseeing myself. The best part was that I was actually able to get us around the City without getting us lost and I knew which trains to get and stuff so I felt like a real New Yorker for a day.

So when Nick left it was time go get back to work. I an entire 2 days finishing homework which turned out to have an extension because no one else did it. I also have a couple papers due and finals to prepare for which I guess would be less right now if I actually did work the days coming up to Nick’s arrival. On top of that I have to pack up my room to move out of my dorm. 

So what did I learn from my first semester at Pace?? Pace is really no different to UWI. The classes are more difficult and more is expected from you yes but the workload seems the same somewhat, the students are the same and will still complain about the professors. There’s no real defining moment when you realise that you’re now a graduate student instead of an undergrad. It’s a gradual thing as the work piles on and the professors expect it all to be finished. Overall its been a great first semester and I know its only going to get harder from here so I want to be prepared.

Now I can’t finish a blog without some sort of review. Well when Nick came we were supposed to go watch Captain America but it wasn’t showing at the AMC in Time Square so we watched Divergent instead. Nick actually said it was better than expected which coming from him means it was great 🙂 lol Since then I haven’t watched many movies worth mentioning but I did manage to watch Vampire Academy a couple nights ago.

From the trailer and clips that I saw I already knew the direction of this movie was not the same as the book and I didn’t have high hopes for it. The movie is good enough to take away boredom but its not one that you would watch over and over again. The book had a sense of endangerment and was so intense with the feeling like someone was after Lissa but the movie started to make light of it. It didn’t have that feeling that they ran away for a reason. The script was sub par with the only character with the least bit of development for Rose. All the others just seemed bland which was not how the book had them. I think Lissa’s brother had a little more character development than Lissa which is sad since he died in the beginning of the movie. All in all the movie had little depth and I would love for another director to pick it up for the sequel or even in a couple years to do it justice. There was no depth to it and it made it look like Rose and Lissa were just silly school girls. The casting for Mason seemed a little off as well and I would have LOVED it if Dimitri was the guy from the Covenant, Steven Strait.

Or just someone that seemed more relatable to Rose’s character. Yea I know he’s meant to be older but he seemed old enough to be her father which weirded me out a little. The one thing they got right was Rose’s character which I was happy about but as someone who read and loved the books, they kind of destroyed the story.

As I said before, I have a lot of work to get to so hopefully there would be another post if I survive finals 🙂

Carla 😛

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