Our Top 5 Registry Favourites

One exciting thing about having a baby, before the bundle of joy actually arrives, is getting everything you’ll need for this new addition to the family. Nick and I were very naiive at first and thought “we don’t need a lot of things, we’ll be fine”….boy were we wrong. About 3 months before my due date it was time to build our registry. We looked through some things on Amazon and other websites and built what we thought was our registry on Amazon and shared it with our family, feeling very proud of ourselves to get something done. We were then promptly scolded that this was not a proper registry and to go back and fix it.

After some more in depth research we finally understood what needed to go on a registry and began to flesh out all the things we would need for little Duckling for about 6 months. We are now about 8 months into this whole parenting thing and there are some things that we gracefully received from our registry that we still rave about now.

Firstly, it’s muslin. We didn’t know much about muslin anything before but after getting muslin burp cloths and muslin wash cloths we are now complete fans of it. They’re soft, absorbent, and little Duckling likes sucking on them so that’s a plus.

These burp cloths were our favourites out of about 3 different types we tried.


We love these wash cloths for bath time as well as cleanups after solids. They’re soft and gently on Duckling’s skin and enough come in a pack that we don’t have to do laundry too often.


One thing Nick was really excited about was baby wearing. After carrying Duckling around in my belly for 9 months I have to say I wasn’t all that excited to carry him around but I knew it was a good way to get things done hands free with Duckling also being soothed. Nick did all the research and got the Ergobaby Omni 360 for us. After wearing him a couple times I didn’t feel all that secure with him on me so in one of my middle of the night shopping sprees I got the Ergobaby Embrace which allowed for a bit more of a secure feeling for me.

So mainly Nick uses this one. Now that Duckling is a bit bigger I sometimes use it but with my smaller frame and Duckling being on the slim side there’s a lot of space between us. I do love that it has a cover and the pouch to store things.


I honestly loved how this felt the moment I put this on. I love that it’s super adjustable and conforming to my shape and Duckling’s shape and after watching the video to see how to properly adjust everything I’m really comfortable with putting him in it.


One thing that everyone (myself included) obsess over is baby sleep. Where does the baby sleep? How can I get my baby to sleep through the night? How many hours is he sleeping? There are so many bits of advice out there about what to do when and it can be overwhelming. With a bit of trial and error we found something that helped us was a swaddle. Once duckling outgrew being swaddled in a blanket he needed something else to sleep in that would make him feel safe and secure while he slept and the Love To Dream Swaddle was perfect for that.

Duckling really liked having his hands “free” to move around a bit. Having the zips on both sides was so helpful for changing diapers without undressing him fully and they were amazing quality.


Also if you want a cheaper alternative, this one works just the same.


Being pregnant taught me so much about the human body and the pregnant body. It seriously does so much which explains why I was always so tired. I was really avoiding everything about this because I knew there was so much to learn but eventually I had to deal with the milk situation. I was really nervous about breastfeeding and felt a lot of pressure being the sole source of food and nutrients for a human being. I had done a lot of reading and saw so many articles for both sides, those who had a lot of milk and then those who just didn’t have any. There was really no way of knowing which one I would be and that just freaked me out. Luckily with prenatal classes and parenting classes through the hospital I was able to put a lot of my anxiety to rest. What I did learn about was let down. That once you’re nursing and feeding your baby on one side, your other side will also produce some milk that you don’t want to go to waste. In comes the wonderful brand Haakaa.

So this wonderful device suctions onto your boob and collects all that liquid gold while you’re nursing on the other side. It hold about 3 comfortably without spilling much. A side tip, if you’re putting it down anywhere, have a mug to put it in so that it doesn’t tip over. I also tried the version 2 that has a bit of a suction base at the bottom but I found it was a bit thinner in the top suction part and didn’t stick on as well, so I only use the original one.

There is also the ladybird Haakaa that I used on the plane to collect letdown. It doesn’t suction as well as the original so I used it purely for letdown if there as any.


There are a couple other things that we have been loving so when little Duckling decides to take another long nap I’ll make sure to share those with you. 🙂

Yes, these are affiliate links I’ve posted but I genuinely love all these products.


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