Life Update: It’s a BIG one!

It has seriously been such a long time so please forgive me if I’m a bit rusty at this. The last time I published was in March 2021. That was in the thick of the pandemic and we’re finding our new normal. Before I even start on anything going on in my life right now here’s a quick catch up:

  • June 2021: I quit my job without having anything lined up and somehow got an interview the day after my last day (thank you universe!) which I got and is basically at such a dreamy company that I’m super thankful for.
  • July 2021: Nick and I decide to take off to explore Toronto to try to get me out of my funk and start my recovery from burnout (burnout is no joke).
  • August 2021: I start my new job!! I met some of the nicest people here that are such a staple in my life now.
  • September 2021: Lockdown is lifted and somehow Nick and I get an apartment and move from London Ontario to Toronto in two weeks!
  • October 2021: In office days start! Exploring Toronto while adjusting to being in a big city again while juggling a new job.
  • November 2021: In office days end! I start feeling weird (not covid) and things start happening but I’m back in the gym with a plan!
  • December 2021: I find out I’m pregnant! (weird feelings now make a whole lot more sense) 🙂 Morning sickness kicks in 😦
  • March 2022: I can finally keep down food! 🙂
  • May 2022: I begin to really enjoy being pregnant 🙂
  • July 2022: Delivery anxiety sets in and I seriously consider how I can stay pregnant forever
  • August 2022: Duckling is born!!!
  • December 2022: We decided to head to Barbados with a 4 month old…..for 6 weeks!
  • March 2023: We secure a new place to live! Finally!!
  • April 2023: The waiting is driving me CRAZY just waiting to move but packing is giving me anxiety so here we are

So there you have it. Life has changed in such a major way since my last post which in a way made coming back to this a bit intimidating. How do you introduce this new side of your life after two years of being gone? Apparently you just do it and hope for the best so here it goes.

For the future of this blog, I’d like for it to stay the same for the most part. I may add in some mom things here and there (I’m still baffled that I was pregnant in the first place and now I have to grapple with being called a whole entire mother). I’ve read some good new books and read over some classics that I can tell you guys about. I’ve also watched a lot of new shows and movies because what else is there to do when you’re pregnant and tired.

Here’s to hoping this is a come back (at least for my maternity leave) and I can keep this up!


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