Quotes That Get Me Through The Day

Now more than ever we’re relying on our internal dialogue with to get things done. It’s so easy with the monotony of the days to fall into a rut and lose motivation to get things done. Even before all of this started I was using some quotes I’ve come across to keep me going but now is really when I’m seeing the result of having something to pull from to keep going.


A really simple one I’ve loved to remember and even makes me smile or laugh when I think about it is one from Deadpool.

So it’s not your typical sentimental and deep meaning quote but for tasks or chores I know that need to get done that I really don’t feel like doing, this is what gets me off the couch. It can apply to so many things whether it’s my studying now where I set myself goals for hours and the way I study to when I was working and I would choose to do the long way of doing a task just to make sure that the result was the best that it could be before looking for a shortcut.

I’m not sure when it started but recently I’ve been feeling anxious for certain things, outings and new experiences mostly. I first noticed it my last year in New York when I was always saying no to going out with friends or doing things with family. I didn’t even have a good reason but my heart would race and my breathing would quicken at the simple thought of doing something. The more I dwelled on the thought of it the worse it got and my hands would shake so I just said no to everything. Years and years ago I watched a movie called Tuck Everlasting about a family who found water from a spring that allows them to live forever. Even with that as the premise of the movie a really nice quote came from it.

For me this quote helps a bit to get over that nervousness from doing new things. No one wants to get to a certain point in the their life and realize that they missed out on a lot of opportunities. Whether it be going for a walk in a new part of town by yourself to see the scenery or to say yes to an outing with friends you’d usually say no to (all within reason). For some reason this quote stuck with me after only watching the movie once, probably because it was the first time I’d heard an argument against living forever.


So the last quote I use to keep myself going is one out of guilt. Some may call it being lazy, I prefer selective participation, but I will probably always choose to be on a couch doing nothing if I had the choice. I used to wait until the last possible moment to do anything, only doing it when it absolutely needed to be done. Things would pile up and I’d be mad at myself for allowing it to get so bad.

This one is one that gets me to cook that meal for dinner instead of snacking at night so that I know I have lunch for the next day. It gets me to write the blog post I’ve had on my mind early so that I have more time to flesh it out without rushing. This along with Maximum Effort is what gets all the medial tasks done quickly so that I can have more couch time.

And there you have it! Hopefully these can work for you and put a pep in your step during quarantine and social distancing times.


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