Hallmark Season 2019!

It’s that time of year again and I’ve once again filled up my life with watching Christmas movies in any form, Netflix or Hallmark. Just wherever they come from, I’m watching it. Last year I really watched a lot, not just from 2018 and I think I watched every royal themed Hallmark movie, not just Christmas. This year I want to say was no different but I can’t seem to remember all of the ones I watched. There were a few days in there where I just went from movie to movie so I must have watched a lot, but I can only remember a couple of them.

One movie that caught my attention from the trailer (I found it odd that I found a trailer to begin with) was for A Christmas Princess.

A Christmas Princess

At first I thought this was a typo for the 3rd A Christmas Prince this year but no, the actors were different lol. I had really high hopes for this movie, with a black female lead for representation and all, and then the trailer didn’t look half bad. The first thing that stood out to me was there was a difference in accents. I know they’re meant to be from a made up kingdom and all but the prince had an Australian accent, his father had a pretty believable British accent but his mother’s accent was so weird as if she was trying to be a middle of the two. It was so distracting and then became a running gag to try and figure out who was going to sound like the other.

I enjoyed the movie, despite the multiple accents, up until the end. The conflict was far from believable, dealt with even more bizarrely and then resolved in the matter of a sentence. Crazy right? What bothered me even more was the prince in his uniform. It just didn’t look right. The uniform epaulettes were such a strange size and his sash didn’t fit the look. By then I had given up trying to believe the ending but all in all I’m glad we finally got a princess of colour.

Next on my list (of course it’s royal themed) was A Christmas Prince 3.

A Christmas Prince 3_2.jpg

To be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to watching this. Yes I really liked the first one, the second one I don’t remember, so watching the third just felt like I was obligated to just see where the story goes. I could have done without it. The plot wasn’t the strongest. I mean a missing document isn’t as interesting as a love story. There were so many other directions they could have gone, you know with the difference in their upbringings, her insistence to keep working for as long as possible. Basically anything except a missing treaty being at the forefront of this story would have been great.

I will say that as usual the costuming and wardrobe for this movie was great. From the royal wear even to the pajamas and casual wear of every actor was basically perfect. You can really tell that Netflix puts more of a budget for wardrobe in this as opposed to The Princess Switch which could have done with a more elaborate wedding dress. Just saying. Overall I guess I’m glad I watched it, just to keep myself from wondering but I will not be watching this again.

Another Netflix find was A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish.

A Cinderalla Story Christmas Wish

I have always been a fan of the A Cinderella Story movies. It’s like no matter how old I get I still want to watch them because of how much I love the original one. I honestly didn’t have high hopes for this, based on the previous one I watched that wasn’t the greatest thing to watch. This one though had a good enough plot that was believable and realistic, well thought out. The acting was good with a recognizable prince and the costuming was good. The flow of everything didn’t feel forced at all and it was an easy watch. Once again the costuming was topnotch, especially the final dress. I will say that from the time I saw what was supposed to be her “ball dress” I knew that wasn’t going to be it. When does Cinderella ever wear green?

I can see myself watching this again if I ever wanted a relaxing couch day and wanted to watch a marathon of feel good movies. The acting was good and it actually gave the prince some substance and a story behind the character.

Keeping on the Netflix option, there is also Let it Snow.

Let It Snow

I enjoyed this one. It reminded me of Valentine’s Day movie as New Year’s Even where all the stories are somehow connected. I wish their stories were a bit more connected but it was still easy enough to follow. Some of the acting could have been better but A for effort. Some aspects of the plot were a bit predictable but it was still enough to keep you wanting to finish watching. It was funny, touching, and even realistic. I do like the fact that the relationships weren’t far fetched. I mean it took her a full day and a speech to admit she had feelings for the guy. Some of the backstory could have been better established, some of the characters that were involved could have been fleshed out a bit more so that we could be more attached to them. In the race for diversity and inclusion in their Christmas movies, I have to say that Netflix won with this one.

And finally we get to the one I couldn’t finish, The Knight Before Christmas.

The Knight Before Christmas

This movie bugged me from the very beginning. Don’t get me wrong I love Vanessa Hudgens and her acting is great but even she can’t carry a movie by herself. That and the prince really bugged me, he just didn’t seem prince like. I get that yea he’s meant to be from a different time period but it just wasn’t working. Then with the plot that wasn’t the greatest I gave up close to the ending. I haven’t even thought about the characters since then which is not a good sign. I may be the only one to say they didn’t like it but oh well. Here’s to me hoping there isn’t a sequel.

I wish Netflix would put as much effort into the wardrobe and costuming for The Princess Switch that they do for all these other Netflix movies. (Can you tell I like that one).

There you have it, the standout Christmas movies I’ve watched this season. Please if you have any suggestions let me know. If you can’t comment here Instagram or Twitter (CarlaCJ21) always works 🙂

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