Getting Organized for 2017!

A new year for me always means a fresh start. It’s a great time to do things you never got to do before and to start a new habit like going to the gym or eating healthier. For me it also means new stationery!! (to help me get organized of course). I’ve always been in love with stationery. I can’t walk past a Staples without going in and looking at all the possibilities. A new book to write in, pens to write perfectly with and highlighters to bring a page to life. Finding new uses for my new stationery always makes me feel like I have a small part of my life together so with this new year, it’s no surprise that I got some new stuff. Not only did I get new stuff, I found a new way to use what I already had.

Every year I buy Claire and I new daily planners and calendars. The calendars are usually themed around whatever tv show we’ve been watching and the planners are basically just whatever looks nice that year. For about three years I’ve done Barnes and Noble which has a really great selection. This time, since I was in Canada, I went to Indigo and got my stuff.


I’ve been moving away from the themed calendars recently, last year I had a year full of motivational quotes, and I’ve been liking simpler designs. This one is just a simple watercolour design with each month having a different colour. The month is written across it in gold which ties in nicely with my daily planner.

Again the planner is on the simpler side and is a bit larger than what I would usually get, I was worried it wouldn’t fit in my bag. With a big book comes a lot of space which is great for keeping track of everything. There’s a page full of stickers which help you plan ahead for events and then it has a snapshot of each month to lay everything out there, easy to see.


This way you can see everything you have planned for the month and even include other things in the notes section. This also makes it easy to plan far ahead. Then you get your week by week pages.


What I love is how much space you have under each day to write in everything you want to do or remember. You can fit a lot in those spaces and rightfully so the weekends are smaller to remind yourself to take it easy :).

If you’re the type to really plan ahead then you’ll really like this.


There’s a section for planning in 2018. This would be great for vacations, meetings and important dates that you come across.

I love how big this planner is and that it’s so colourful. The pages are really good quality and having a hard cover planner comes in handy when making notes on the go.

If you want to see other things I’m using to stay organized then make sure to check out my new video here :).

Happy planning!


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