My 2016 Book Review

So looking back, 2016 wasn’t a very big year of new books for me. I read over a lot of other series that I’ve loved like the Significance series and the More Than series when I couldn’t find a new book to read. I went back to my old faithfuls to hold me over. With all of that said that doesn’t mean that I didn’t find some new ones that were great as well. Some of them I’ve already done reviews for but others I haven’t told you guys about yet. 🙂

So I think I said this in another post but I’ve been working my way through some authors, mainly Jennifer Armentrout. This search led me to a book called Wicked.


It follows the whole supernatural path that I was on and it was a good read to tide me over until I found a new series. The second book from the series has been released but I honestly can’t say that I’m going to read it. I’m not exactly sure what it is that didn’t grab my attention but I don’t have that excitement to finish the series. I guess if I can’t find anything else to read I’ll get to it but for now I’m okay with just reading one.

The next two books were continuations of The Selection series by Kiera Cass. The fourth book is called The Heir and the fifth is The Crown.


Honestly I can’t really remember much about these books. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but its not a great thing either. I know it was an enjoyable read or enjoyable enough.  It is however a great way for me to get back in touch with my younger self and to imagine what it would be like to be a princess and have all these extravagant things around me. In that way I guess I would read more of the series and plus I’m still attached to the characters, especially America.

Another I really enjoyed was the Wait For You Series.


I’m pretty sure I did a review on this series already but I will just say that I LOVE this series. It really captured the typical “boy meets girl” theme that would make any girl fall in love again. It touches on so many relevant topics that can be relatable on so many levels. The characters were built and developed so well and the way the guy went after the girl could be seen as stalkerish by some but really sweet otherwise. It was done really tastefully. As I’ve probably said before, this series is very similar to the More Than series but I really don’t mind. It will be on my read over list right next to it. I know I told myself that I wasn’t so interested in reading book 4 in this series, Fall With Me, simply because the main character wasn’t someone that I really connected with but I think I’ll at least give it a try to finish out the series. Again, it’s premise is really similar to the More Than series which is great for when you’re waiting for a new book to come out :).

Speaking of the More Than series, I read the latest installation of the series, More Than Enough.


Just because I could, I read over the entire series before I read this one and I still cried in the first book. I always think that if you can cry at a book that it’s written exceptionally well. Once again this draws a similarity to the Wait for You series in that it deals with some serious topics but it works through them in such a way that makes it both difficult and easy to read. It’s a really well written book and once again I’m dying to read more about this group of people.

A series I was surprised to read through to quickly was the Remnant Chronicles.


This series was one of my “save for later” ones if I really needed something to read for a flight or something and I had nothing else to read. It sat there waiting to be read for a couple months before I got desperate but I read through it in about 3 or 4 days. What I liked about the series is that it didn’t have that perfect ending. It was more realistic in that everything didn’t work out perfectly in the end. Characters were held accountable for everything and were bound by their responsibilities. Regardless of the main character being younger than I would like, she dealt with mature things which made it easy to forget how young she was. It’s a well written series that really pulls you in from the first book.

The last series in this list is the Sweet Home series by Tillie Cole.

Sweet Home Series.jpg

I know I really liked this series, but I don’t really remember much past the third book. Because of that, I’ll be reading Sweet Hope over before I read the next one, Sweet Soul. I love that this series is a bit more adult than the usual books but they’re not full blown romance I guess because the deal with other topics as well. It’s a great series to get away from all the supernatural ones and could be a great bridge to more adult books as you yourself get older.

All in all, 2016 was a year of finding new series to read and reading over the good ones. I think my favourite series for the year was the More Than series with the Wait for You series coming in a close second. This year I want to finish out some of the series I started and find some new ones. 🙂

Happy Reading!

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