Where is November going so quickly??

I can’t believe how fast November is going. It feels like yesterday it was now October. With this fast moving November means that finals are coming fast and I have projects to finish up along with homework, aaanndd trying to study on top of that. Basically I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library. I think I’m just getting tired from everything this semester. This always happens which is what makes finals so difficult. Everything from the semester is now weighing on  you and all you want to do is sleep and catch up on whatever Netlflix binge is next. I’ve been trying to counteract this and keep a relatively good schedule. I’ve even been doing my pilates more often. So far I only have time on the weekends to do a full workout but I’ve doing my squats, laterals, and wall push ups on mornings before I go in the shower. It’s been working out pretty well. Yesterday I did my pilates in the morning which was a bad idea. I was sore and complaining for the rest of the day. I really don’t know how people exercise in the morning and don’t just go straight back to bed. I love that with a night time workout I can just take a shower and go back to bed. No pain felt. 

I have about 4 more weeks until Barbados and I have 6 Chefette rotis left :). That means I can probably eat one on the plane and then get moooore when I land. 4 more weeks also means that finals are in 3 weeks. I’ve realized that a lot of my group members rely on me to do most of the work. Sometimes its the other way around but right now I’m working on 2 group projects where I was doing most of the work. It’s good because that means I know what to do and everything but its annoying because I’m doing everything and I can’t study or do my homework. 

Anyways, I have now accepted the fact that winter is here. It’s getting really cold and I’ve been holding out on wearing my heavy winter jacket purely out of being stubborn. I at least need to wear a hat to keep my head warm. This morning I thought I had a sore throat but thank God I didn’t. Last week I stocked up on flu medicine and everything but I still don’t want to get sick. 

Hair wise, I’ve been really lazy. For the past 2 weeks I’ve just been doing protective styles just to get my hair out of the way and away from the harsh sweater materials. It works out great because I leave it up for like 2 days, take it down for the night, and put it back up in the morning. When I take it down it gives the perfect twist out curls/waves.

You can’t really see it but they’re there. After I washed it I realized my hair is getting pretty long compared to how it was a couple months ago. I know I’ve been trimming it with every relaxer so I really didn’t expect a great difference in the length this quickly. When I get it done in a couple weeks I’ll make sure to take pictures. 

In other news, Nick had his review for his Phd stuff and his presentation went really well so he’s now officially a second year Phd student at McGill. Of course I knew it would go well but with all his freaking out and stressing out it’s just good to know it went well. 

It’s about that time when I should be getting out of bed and start doing stuff. I have to go buy my breakfast stuff and then off to school. I want to get there when the library opens so I can maximize on study time but that never happens. My bed is too comfortable and warm for me to leave it that quickly. 

I need to talk to Greg and make a plan for when we’re going to watch The Hunger Games movie that suits his work schedule. I’m waiting to watch Big Hero 6 when I get home to watch it with Nick and maybe Claire if she holds out and waits for me 🙂 

So yea, my week once again consisted of work and the library and will continue this for the next 4 weeks. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of going home to play halo. 6 weeks of doing nothing and playing halo, going to the beach and eating. 


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