Finally a bit of normalcy

It’s the weekend!!! It’s been a short but busy week full of ups and downs as usual. I finally got hot plate so I can cook for myself now (not that I still don’t want my aunt’s Sunday food). 

I had to throw out all my old food that I had bought before I changed rooms since it was just sitting there for 2 weeks but finally I’m starting to settle in fully now. I haven’t used it yet since I still had food from my aunt left back but I’ll most likely use it tomorrow 🙂

I’ve decided on a weekly schedule finally. Since I have Wednesday’s off that has become laundry and errand day. Weekends are as usual “do as much work as I can” days and cleaning is in there as well. I also want to try exercising on mornings before class since I have afternoon classes. Developing a schedule has taken me 4 weeks, FOUR WHOLE WEEKS!! It’s been weird and stressful just doing things as they need to be done instead of knowing when I have time for everything. I just have to remember when I planned to do everything and that would be great. 

I hate to be one of “those” people but the weather is AWESOME right now. It’s like 12 degrees (Celsius because I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit) and it feels spectacular. I can actually walk around without constantly thinking its so damn cold. Everything seems to look a whole lot nicer when its not so cold as well.

This week I also got a new laptop! 😀 It’s the HP Pavilion which is a touch screen laptop which I find quite fetching. 

I’m still figuring some stuff out about it which is sometimes frustrating but Windows 8.1 seems to be pretty cool.

I called up one of the hairdressers I found and she seems really nice and pleasant. She just doesn’t use the products that my hairdresser used to use at home so that’s a bit of a problem. Luckily she said if its a problem I can just find the products I’m used to and bring them so that’s a option. That problem is still unsolved and will hopefully be resolved by Wednesday 🙂

I read this really cool article in the New York Times about a guy who traveled the islands tasting the rum in 3 islands, Jamaica, Barbados, and Martinique. 

It is really well written, as is any other piece in the New York Times, but the part about Barbados is really captivating in the way the writer describes the history of the island and how different it is from what we see as locals. 

It’s about that time of day when I can’t help but keep thinking about food so I think I’ll go fetch me some dinner before I drive myself crazy. Still haven’t made it over to the food place my aunt was telling me about, mostly because I spend all morning in bed watching Netflix (right now I’m watching over Brothers & Sisters and I’m still working on House of Cards season 1).

Until next time,
Carla 🙂

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