I’m Finally at Pace!!

It’s finally here!! I moved into my apartment last week and I’ve had my first week of classes already. My classes are good but I just really want to stay on top of my work. So far I’ve completed one assignment and right now I’m working on another. My room is kind of small with little storage so it seems to always be a mess. 

Of course everything I bought was pink or purple which is great :). So far living in NYC is pretty cool. Everything is close by and its not so hard to get around. Pace is about 2 blocks away so its not hard to get to class. One great thing about living in NYC as opposed to Barbados is SNOW DAYS!! I’m actually having one right now so I have no classes today which allows me to catch up on all my work and get ahead on some work. So far I’ve met one new person in my class who seems to want a work buddy so I don’t really mind that. 

I’ve realized that I’m ok with staying in my room with my music and just doing my work. Unfortunately I will probably be getting a roommate soon so I won’t have the room to myself anymore. 😦 

Anyways, I’ll try to take more pictures and post probably weekly so that I actually have a schedule. So far everything is going well even though there was a mad rush to get here on time. I actually got here the day before move in day and then 2 days before classes started so it’s been a hectic week.

Time for work!! 

Carla 🙂

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