Why I Chose Ipsy

I remember when I first moved to New York all I wanted to do was to buy everything. I mean I wanted to go in a store and not feel guilty for things I wanted and not necessarily needed. I had that feeling of a popped kite. Everything was around me and I wanted it all. Then came that voice of reason, that reminder that if I spend all my money on things that I didn’t need and ran out of money for school I’m screwed. I had that harsh reminder that I was in New York for a reason. One specific reason. To get my Master’s. I was reminded of what my parents had gone through to get me there which was a lot. I’d seen what they’d given up to put me there and I sure as hell wasn’t going to be the one to make their retirement full of bills from me. With all of that said, that didn’t mean that I couldn’t indulge a little bit.

I waited until I finished all of my courses to finally sign up for a subscription service. I figured a subscription service was an easy way to try out new products without having to actually go into a store. Each month five travel sized products are chosen for me. I did the research and landed at the decision that Ipsy was the one for me. I needed more makeup options which Ipsy provides and it sends products from known and unknown brands as well as cruelty free and vegan brands. It’s affordable and gives great value for money. They’re many months where I get full sized products. FULL SIZED products for paying less than $20 a month. I also love how their customer service is easily accessible. They’re always on Twitter or Instagram giving updates and the emails are sent in a timely manner to tell you exactly when your bag has shipped so that you can track it. It’s easy. And they ship to Canada!!

February Ipsy Glam Bag Thumbnail

Even if you don’t go with Ipsy there are subscription boxes for everyone. If you like fitness I know FabFitFun is a well known and loved one. There are also more specific ones like for perfume and scents, which I may just have to look into since I’m in the market for a new perfume. There’s something for everyone. What made me pick Ipsy over one like Boxycharm or Birchbox was the price and how I can tailor my bags to suit what I’m in the market for. I can tell them my skin tone, skin and hair type and get products that match what I need. I can also change this at any time to adjust what products come in my bag the next month. It’s completely customizable.

If I ever feel the need to get another subscription service or box, it’ll have to be under my $20 limit. Even though Boxycharm is $21 for one month, their 12 month plan makes them about $20 per month so it makes it worth it and I know they give full sized products from known and popular brands so for that one I’m willing to spend a little more. Subscription services seriously cut down on the number of trips I make to Sephora or other makeup stores which I think saves me money in the long run. I don’t fully use up products anyways so travel sized is perfect for me.

One of the greatest feelings from getting a subscription box or service is when they’ve built up for a while and you get to open them all at once. I recently had 8 months worth of Ipsy bags to open and it honestly felt like Christmas opening them all.


To see all the awesome stuff I got in these 8 months make sure to check out my Youtube channel and my video. ­čÖé

I’m really having a lot of fun receiving my Ipsy bags. It’s been about 2 years now I think or maybe more and I don’t really have any complaints.┬áThere are some months where one or two products don’t really suit me but overall it’s awesome. And who doesn’t like getting things in the mail??

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