My Year in Books!

As the year is coming to an end, I look back at what I’ve accomplished and I realize that I’ve read a lot of book series this year. I’m pretty proud of myself that they all weren’t supernatural in nature and that I managed to find some that were “normal”. I think I out did myself this year with books. There was a period when I was reading one book a day and would finish a series in about a week and then be onto the next one. I still have a couple on my list to read but there are a few that require special mention.

The first series that comes to mind is the Sweet Home Series by Tillie Cole

Sweet Home

This series is one I had a lot of fun reading. It follows a girl, Molly, as she leaves England and goes to the University of Alabama for school. The fun I had with this was that I read her parts in a British accent :). This first book, once it got started was a bit hard for me to finish. There were parts that seemed 50 Shades-esque which I didn’t like that much but once I got past that part it was a good read. The plot was simple enough to follow easily but also was not predictable. Each book is written from a different character’s perspective which is great to get insight on them and more character development. I think what makes a good series is when you become so attached to each character it’s impossible to put it down. You keep wondering what happened to the characters days after you stop reading. This series has it sad parts and it has it happy parts and would be a great tv series since we’re able to see so many things from different perspectives. It could also be a sports related series if they chose to spin it that way. The writing is also really great. The emotion is so well described you would think it was your own.

Keeping with my non supernatural theme is Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren. I’ve only now discovered through writing this post that there are other books in this series called Broken so now I have new books to read.

Beautiful Broken Rules

What I really like about this book is the character development (again). It’s not a character who has it all figured out yet even though from the title you can already figure out what’s going to happen. You get to be inside her head as she figures herself out. It’s also interesting to see how Jax tries to be with someone without changing anything about her. He knows her rules but tries to live with them until he can’t anymore. It’s a good feeling when you’re able to grow with the character as they figure out situations. In this one book we see Em go from accepting her reputation and what others thought of her to then trying to change it.

A series that was a riveting read and could possibly be my favourite series for the year is the More Than series.

More Than Series

This first book made me cry in the first chapter and then made me smile in the next. I absolutely LOVE this series. It follows a girl who makes friends with a new group of people in a desperate time in her life as they start their college experience. It follows them from freshman year onward and tells the story from a different member of the group’s perspective. I haven’t read the most recent book yet but from what I’ve read it’s a little different from the others which should be interesting. The vulnerability each character shows and how they overcome it make it an easy read and something you find yourself rooting for. You want so much to help them and as you read you keep hoping they find the strength to do so. I would love for this series to be made into a tv show or movie. I think the CW would love to air this or even the new Freeform might like to pick this up. This is a series I would read over and over again and recommend to anyone who wants a break from the supernatural plots.

Another great read from this year was Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover.

Finding Cinderella

This is sort of a continuation from her series Hopeless. If there was ever a book with a sad but happy ending this is it. Instead of following Hope directly, it follows her best friend Six. It’s shorter than her other books but so much happens in it that I only realized afterwards how short it really was. I still want to read more of the story and would love if she continued the story. This book sort of ties a lot of things together from the previous books but then it leaves this one open.

What’s great about writing this post is that I found a couple more books to read. I haven’t started a new series in a long time and I haven’t read a new book in probably longer. I’ve just been reading over series that I love like the Significance series and the Lux series. These are two series that should really be made into a tv show or movie. The supernatural takes they have are somewhat unique and would be great on the big screen, or a small one.

Comment and tell me some of the great books that you’ve read 🙂

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